Taking Carbon out of the Energy Equation

Steinkrug produced the CarbonFree reports as part of a five year research program aimed a seeking alternatives to fossil fuel that were economically as well as environmentally sustainable.

Acutely aware that the energy market is both cyclical and politically sensitive Steinkrug sought out solutions most likely to provide the maximum disconnect from incumbent energy providers – in so doing creating entry points into the market for next generation energy companies - and which could exist independently of government subsidy.

Steinkrug carried out a detailed examination of the domestic energy market and produced a survey of micro generation technology. Energy storage was identified as a technology that could have a significant impact on energy use and solve problems such as the formation of urban heat islands in major cities and other densely developed areas. This part of Steinkrug’s research has been used as the foundation for its passive solar and energy storage project - details of which can be found on theEnergyCrowd.com web site, where you will also find further research on this topic.